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What the Press Say About Spiri


"But one Copenhagen-based company has brewed up a petrol-free car option that looks more like a superhero's weekend chariot than a crowded sedan that'll cramp your style...”

This Is Still Very Much A Prototype, With Ex-Tesla VP And Spiri Board Member Peter Carlsson Calling It “Basically A Lab On Wheels”

“Danish startup Spiri believes urban transportation is still massively inefficient, and it’s setting out to tackle the problem from a few different directions.”
“We are bridging the gap between what urban transport looks like now and what it will be like when self-driving cars come on the market,”
“Spiri is an EV-only ridesharing service where you're the driver”

Drive for Free

“ ... and the ability to recharge its 36.5kWh battery in as little as 40 minutes...”
“Spiri has higher-ups who include former engineers and execs from the likes of Aston Martin and Tesla.”

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